Sean Newell

End of year message from Sean Newell, CEO, Interfolio UK

In spite of the challenges imposed on us by the pandemic, we continue to work closely with all our customers, helping them run their submission periods, collate their data and advise them on how the Researchfish information can help them to inform their own strategies.

How to Advance Research Impact in Canada

With a few critical changes, Canada can make significant progress in its goal of funding research that positively impacts the lives of Canadians.

Client Advisory Service

How do you process and use the data your researchers provide? Don’t underestimate the power in your data. Let us help you discover and develop your organisation’s research capabilities.

Research Impact in Canada

Join Jonathan Grant, Eddy Nason and Kathryn Graham on Wednesday 29th September for a special live event dedicated to examining the Canadian Impact Agenda, how it has evolved and what this means for grant makers, universities, research institutes and researchers today.


Reporting and Interoperability

UK Chief Analyst, Gavin Reddick hosted a webinar looking at the 2021 platform interoperability statistics and the updated figures for how long it takes to complete a researchfish submission. You can view the session recording below for more information about how users are interacting with researchfish. Please reach out to the Customer Team if you

Evaluating the Impact of your Research

Do you know what works best in your research programs and how to leverage these factors to maximise the chance of success? Watch Gavin Reddick, Chief Analyst at researchfish give the low-down on why understanding how your research works helps you to do it better. In this short session, you will learn how to source the

Evaluation and Measurement of Research Impact for US Organizations

Innovative research projects are largely possible due to the funding from foundations and other research funding bodies. These organizations aim to choose projects that will advance their mission, but how do they effectively measure and evaluate the full impact of their funded research, and how are those results disseminated?