The Challenges of Measuring Impact in Arts and Humanities

Arts and humanities research funders face a unique set of challenges that make it difficult to measure, track and report on the impact of their funded research. Unlike other fields of research, such as science or engineering, the impact of arts and humanities research is often difficult to quantify and can be subjective. In this


Post 2023 UK Multi Funder Submission Period Webinar

Activity and Data Update Watch now Chief Analyst Gavin Reddick presented a detailed view of the activity that we monitor during the UK multi-funder submission period.  This analysis enables us to understand more about our users, the data they provide and how they engage with the Researchfish platform. This insight, in turn, informs how we


2022 End of Year Message from Sean Newell, CEO Interfolio UK

2022 has been quite a year for Interfolio UK. We began with a highly successful and engaged multi funder submission period. The database of outputs and outcomes now stands at some 4.5 million records, the single largest database of its kind anywhere on the planet!

Researchfish platform updates to improve accessibility and user experience

How it all started A platform to gather research outputs and outcomes to help evaluate the impact of research In 2008 Researchfish began as a project by the Medical Research Council to assist with data gathering, research tracking and measurement of grant impact. This new service was based on a common question set designed to


Reporting Impact. Why bother?

With increasing focus on transparency and value for money, organisations globally are adapting to better understand, evaluate and explain their research.


To Our Community

We are truly sorry for how we responded to the negative posts last week and understand that we caused concerns among researchers. We take full responsibility for how we responded and we are actively taking steps to revise procedures and improve communication with those across the research community.  Researchfish is dedicated to researcher success and