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A message from Interfolio UK’s CEO about Coronavirus

At Interfolio UK, the health and well-being of our Members and employees is always a top priority.  As we navigate the rapidly evolving global COVID-19 situation together, I want to share with you the various actions and precautions Interfolio UK is taking to serve our Members and their communities throughout these challenging times.  We have

What would their Researchfish Submission have looked like? Famous Scientist #1. Marie Curie

We thought it would be interesting to take a look at what a Researchfish submission would have looked like for famous scientists had computers, let alone Researchfish, been around when they were making their groundbreaking discoveries. In the first of this series, where we loosely structure the scientist’s lifetime’s achievements around the 16 common outcome

Research Impact Assessment methodology using data collected via Researchfish

The research paper, Mechanisms and pathways to impact in public health research: a preliminary analysis of research funded by the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR), published in the primary research journal BMC Medical Research Methodology (Boulding et al. (2020) 20:34, by Researchfish Member NIHR, looks at research focused on public health and the

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How Wellcome are using Researchfish data to inform what they do

“Researchfish has helped us learn more about types of outputs that can’t be easily found in other data sources, such as medical products, collaborations, and influences in policy and practice” In 2019 Wellcome joined the Researchfish community and asked some of their grant holders to report their outcomes of funded research across 16 types of

research long tail

Three takeaways from the Third International Strategy of Impact Conference

Read the PIE News article about the November 2019 Strategy of Impact Conference – in particular about the long tail of research impact with the Polio vaccine cited as a prime example. To bring this completely up-to-date will generations to come talk about the long tail impact of any potential coronavirus vaccine? Let’s hope so.

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Recording available of February 25th Webinar – Research Impact Frameworks – Tracking Research with Data Beyond Publications

In this webinar, with real-life research impact reports, research impact was discussed, helping to answer the age-old important question – What difference are we making? Over 200 registrants from all over the world (24 countries) found out how an international community of research funders, charities and universities track research and evidence impact using outcome data

The British Library

It’s a Wrap! The 2019 Strategy of Impact Conference

On November 12th over 220 international research professionals gathered at the British Library London for the third Strategy of Impact Conference for a day of learning, listening, and networking about the importance of tracking research and measuring the impact and its implications.