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Researchfish is used globally by funders and universities to track research and evidence impact.

The platform uses technology and algorithms to collect outcomes and outputs of research from the web, external data sources and the researchers themselves.


Who is Researchfish for?

Researchfish helps funders and charities report on research impact beyond academia and inform future funding strategies.

Universities adopt Researchfish to track the outcomes of research funded via various sources and better evaluate and articulate the impact of their whole portfolio.

Researchfish & Interfolio

Researchfish allows centres to report on multiple funding sources and enable granular tracking and data collection.

Researchfish helps us to collect a wealth of information on the outputs and outcomes of our research – it gives us some of the raw data to help us articulate impact and evaluate our research further along that pathway. We’ve used the data collected via Researchfish for many useful analyses, but if I had to pick one to highlight then the sheer scale and breadth of our research collaborations was pretty eye opening.

Andrew Knowles Senior Research Evaluation Manager
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Common outcomes

Researchfish collects and enriches data for various standard outcomes that can be uniquely attributed to specific awards.

Researchfish has the flexibility to be configured as required by individual funding organisations, charities, research centres and universities.

  • Publications
  • Collaborations
  • Further funding
  • Next destination
  • Engagement activities
  • Influence on policy
  • Research tools & methods
  • Research databases & models
  • IP and licensing
  • Medical products & clinical trials
  • Artistic & creative products
  • Software & technical products
  • Spin outs
  • Awards and recognition
  • Other outputs & knowledge
  • Use of facilities & resources


Researchfish is based on annual license fees depending on research intensity – and the level of custom configuration.

Organisations like yours use Researchfish to...

Communicate the benefits of research

Reach out to stakeholders to explain and understand the benefits and impact of research.

Capture holistic impact

Report impact beyond publications, e.g. changes to policy, drug development, and teaching improvements.

Tell a story

Generate powerful impact stories to capture the imagination and spark further discussion and analysis.

Collaborate and benchmark

Collaborating and benchmarking with others, achieving more together.

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