February 22, 2021

Researchfish 2021 UK Multi Funder Submission Period Activity Webinar

This year Interfolio UK is pleased to invite our members to attend a mid-Multi-Funder Submission Period webinar to provide additional information about how the UK submission period is progressing to organisations which are aligning to the window this year. As the February – March Multi Funder Submission Window is UK centric these sessions are most relevant to UK based organisations, however all of our members are welcome to view. 

We hosted 2 separate sessions, one for Research Organisations and one for Funders, to enable us to focus the content in relation to your organisation’s use of Researchfish. Each session was only 30 minutes and consisted of a 15-minute presentation covering an overview of submission period activity so far, the implications of what these initial statistics show, and next steps for maximising the success of this year’s submission window. The second half of each session provided attendees with an opportunity to ask questions. 

Research Organisation Webinar

Funding Organisation Webinar