April 13, 2023

Post 2023 UK Multi Funder Submission Period Webinar

Activity and Data Update

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Chief Analyst Gavin Reddick presented a detailed view of the activity that we monitor during the UK multi-funder submission period. 

This analysis enables us to understand more about our users, the data they provide and how they engage with the Researchfish platform. This insight, in turn, informs how we at Researchfish can provide a better experience for the research community going forward. 

During the 2023 submission period:

  • Around 350,000 new attributions were added to awards
  • More than 5000 users connected their Researchfish and ORCHID accounts
  • And, on the busiest day there were approximately 7000 users and the site handled 11.8 million API calls. 

Data collected via Researchfish can highlight important information for research funders such as which grants are leading to particular outcomes, where collaboration is occurring and even which programmes or projects are leading to further funding opportunities.

Why is this data of interest to the research community?

  • To provide an overview of the current reporting levels of UK funded research.
  • To show funders what kind of data they can get from using the platform and how it might benefit strategic decision making.
  • To help researchers understand what their research data is collected for and what uses it is put to.