February 12, 2020

[Webinar Recording] – Research Impact Frameworks – Tracking Research with Data Beyond Publications

In this webinar, with real-life research impact reports, research impact was discussed, helping to answer the age-old important question – What difference are we making?

Over 200 registrants from all over the world (24 countries) found out how an international community of research funders, charities and universities track research and evidence impact using outcome data beyond just publications, using intelligent technology developed by Researchfish over the last 11 years.

The overarching theme of the event was to share our experience of using data and technology to evidence impact, working with research funders and organisations around the world. ​

Our members currently use the Researchfish platform to collect data to evidence impact including publications, narratives for case studies, collaborations, engagement with policy makers, IP and commercialisation, career progression, further funding, career progression and many others,  allowing our members to reach a wider than ever before groups of stakeholders. ​

Our technology ensures good quality data with low reporting burden and our business model of software as a service means low IT burden for our members, and an ‘always-on’ service, accessible no matter where you are working.

Also, as the Community grows, members are able to collaborate, share data, and benchmark, achieving more together. 

​We also discussed common impact, with examples including case studies from the AMRC (Association of Medical Research Charities) and the UK Government.

Data insights covered included £50B research funding, over 140K awards tracked from over 160 research funding organisations across the globe, and over 100K researchers reporting over 3.5M research outcomes.