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Gaining a systematic knowledge of output

The Novo Nordisk Foundation is an independent Danish foundation with corporate interests. The objective of the Novo Nordisk Foundation is twofold: to provide a stable basis for the commercial and research activities conducted by the companies within the Novo Group and to support scientific and humanitarian purposes.

Our strategy drove us to adopt Researchfish – to communicate the value of our activities we needed a standardised Research Impact Assessment platform. The benefits are now very clear – for the first time we have systematic reporting from all our grants and are able to clearly demonstrate the impact of our activities to all stakeholders. ​ By adopting Researchfish you will be able to collect data immediately and gain a systematic knowledge of output. It is also good for researchers as they will have one system to report into rather than many. I would not hesitate to recommend Researchfish.

Thomas Alslev Christensen Senior Vice President & Head of Impact Department

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