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Solutions for Universities: Researchfish and Interfolio

Researchfish and Interfolio have joined forces to provide global, comprehensive researcher information systems, supporting unprecedented insights into the advancement of research and teaching.

University of Nottingham

Impact is in our DNA and we need to never forget this. What difference are we making?​ Impact has really grown in the last few years, largely driven by the requirement to demonstrate impact through the REF, and often goes beyond the length of a grant and/or project. Impact can take many forms, not just in terms of money, it can be time saved, change of policy for example. We need to understand the world around us and others who may be interested in our research.

Steven Hardy Head of Research Outcomes
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Researchfish for Universities

Researchfish allows universities to better understand, evaluate and articulate the impact of their research. Funding from multiple sources can be tracked, giving a holistic view of the research carried out with all the data in one place. Data collected via Researchfish can be used for impact framework reporting, for example the REF and KEF in the UK, with impact narratives evidenced by data on collaborations, publications, policy engagements and knowledge exchange.

Interfolio for Universities

Interfolio provides software to help universities streamline their processes for academic hiring, review, promotion, and scholarly activity tracking. The Faculty Information System is the first-ever engagement platform for the entire scope of faculty activity, decisions, and data on the campus. Consisting of three modules, it brings faculty data, governance, scholarship, and career milestones into a central view so that institutions receive critical analytic insight into the scholarly engine powering their institution.

Researchfish & Interfolio