August 4, 2020

[Product Update: July 2020] New search functionality introduced to help you get more from your data.

Facilitate workflows and improve communication

Researchfish helps you to evidence outcomes across 16 different outcomes (including publications, collaborations, spinouts, further funding, IP, new products and many more), but how easy is it to dive deeper into your data and explore what it actually means?

How can you interrogate your data, find linkages, understand connections as well as collate information and communicate the full impact of your research projects?

Working closely with our user community we have been developing a new search functionality to enable users to discover and explore data within their Researchfish account and we are pleased to be able to share the first phase of this exciting release with you.

Greater personalisation to build links and tell stories

The new search function provides you with a flexible way to explore the different data entities (Funders, Organisations, Outcomes and People).  It enables you to tailor your own experience to discover and drill deeper into what is important for your organisation.

Perhaps you want to find out which research projects from your portfolio are attracting the most in further funding and wonder which organisations or perhaps sectors this has come from. Or, maybe you want to find out which research organisations are hosting projects that report increased numbers of  influence on policy and you want to investigate what other similarities these research organisations have.  

The options are limitless. Each search opens up new possibilities to understand your data and hone future research strategies.

What does search mean for Funders?

  • Improved discoverability
  • More flexible approach to accessing data
  • Better user experience
  • Easier data exploration
  • Bulk actions to simplify your workflow

Funders will notice a new tab (Beta) in their user accounts. This will allow you to access all data in one place. You can now search through the data by keyword and filter it in a variety of ways to extract the precise information you need. Once you have identified the information you require there is also the option to perform some of the usual bulk actions to the selected data from the search results e.g. Export awards, assign & remove additional question(s), change submission periods, alter reporting nodes and change response codes. (Initially this function will be available for awards only but more bulk actions will be released over time). You are still able to perform these bulk actions on the awards tab as well. 

This first phase of the new search functionality is now live. We will be continuously improving this product. Users can keep up to date on developments and help refine the product by noting any issues or suggestions in the in-product feedback panel.

Well that’s great for Funders, but what about Research Organisations?

We know that Research Organisations also need to understand and interrogate the data related to their research projects. This can help them understand the bigger picture, benchmark activities and develop future research programmes.

We are pleased to confirm that the search functionality for Research Organisations will be available in September 2020.  Watch this space!

For more information about how to get the most from the new search function on your Researchfish account, please contact the Support Team.