May 12, 2022

Reporting Impact. Why bother?

Why are we doing research? How could we more efficiently reach our goals?

With increasing focus on transparency and value for money, organisations globally are adapting to better understand, evaluate and explain their research. Stakeholders and supporters want to know the changes that their donations helped bring about.

Research funders want to know answers to questions like:

  • Are certain types of funded projects more likely to return particular outputs or outcomes?
  • Where can we identify opportunities to work more collaboratively?
  • Is there a pattern in our data that would help us estimate the time from initial funding to certain outputs?

Academic outputs are not sufficient as a measure of impact unless they can be proven to have had an influence on changes in society or the economy, for example. However, understanding impact takes time and some impact might occur many years after the original research. Just because something is hard to measure doesn’t mean we shouldn’t measure it.

Join the Impact Dots

In this webinar recording Katy Elliott explores how to join the impact dots.

  • Facilitate progress towards your strategic goals
  • Reduce time and energy that researchers spend on providing reports
  • Identify missed opportunities

Katy Elliott
Account Executive

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