October 15, 2018

Researchfish Governance – driven by Members, for Members

Researchfish is different to other software companies in that it is driven by our Members, for our Members, through a Governance structure consisting of different working user groups. Everyone can raise items for consideration, irrespective of Group membership.

At the heart of the Governance structure is the Researchfish Steering Board (RSB). Meeting once every three months, the Board sets strategic direction; agrees priorities including input into Researchfish roadmap; and ratifies proposals from the subgroups.

For example, the Question Set Subgroup, who review and revise the Common Question Set, consisting of 16 common outcome type questions, available via an Open Commons License, ensure it is suitable and effective for researchers to comply with and use when reporting on their outputs and will submit any changes required.



Each Group consists of around 15 representatives from across the whole Researchfish community to include fair and equal representative from our different types of members such as large, small, public, international and charitable funders, research organisations and Researchfish representatives.

The other subgroups meet as and when required but usually once every three months and include:

  • Question Set Subgroup (QSSG) – Reviews and revises the common question set
  • Reporting Subgroup – Shares data best practice, understanding and reporting methods; and identifies future reporting needs
  • Communications Subgroup – Promotes consistent and effective communications
  • One-off Subgroups – As required, e.g. interoperability and career tracking

If you would like to know more about what the groups cover, or what they’re working on at the moment, see the documentation area of the Researchfish Platform.

For more information, including how to become involved, please contact Katy Witney, Researchfish Relations and Communications Manager.