July 26, 2018

Wellcome to use Researchfish for Reporting Research Outcomes


From February 2019, Wellcome will ask most Science and Humanities & Social Science grantholders to use the Researchfish platform when reporting research outcomes at the end of their awards.

This will replace their current end-of-grant report, and will capture research outputs such as publications, intellectual property and software tools, and other outcomes such as influence on policy.

The change follows on from Wellcome’s announcement earlier this year about the Wellcome Success Framework, that set out nine ambitions that express what success looks like across all Wellcome’s work.

The data from Researchfish will help Wellcome assess progress against these ambitions. It will be used at an aggregate level to gain a deeper understanding of what is being achieved through Wellcome grants and in partnership with others.

Wellcome won’t use it to assess the impact of individual grants, or to inform decisions about individual funding applications.

Collecting data in this way will also make it easier for research offices and researchers to record, review and share research outputs and outcomes from Wellcome grants.

(This news release was first published on Wellcome’s website)