August 12, 2020

[August 26th Webinar Recording] Diversity Approach to Research Evaluation (DARE)

DARE (Diversity Approach to Research Evaluation) is a new way to think about and analyse research collaborations. We were thrilled to be joined by Dr. Frédérique Bone, Professor Michael Hopkins and Dr. Josh Moon from SPRU (Science Policy Research Unit at the University of Sussex Business School) to hear about how rather than assessing downstream outputs and impacts, DARE places emphasis on understanding how research collaborations draw together diverse individuals, in terms of experience, contexts, and background.

DARE aims to improve understanding of collaborative research processes by combining quantitative indicators and maps of team diversity (across several dimensions) with qualitative analyses of the processes used by individuals to facilitate collaborative research.

Until now DARE has been used to track interaction in biomedical research projects as shown in the cases represented on the project website.  While other evaluation approaches look at the outputs of a project, DARE opens up the project to observe the way researchers and stakeholders collaborate with the long-term goal of aiding the design of research projects and funding programmes.

For further information please see the full paper:

Interfolio UK is delighted to be involved in the project, and it is an excellent example of the application of data collected through Researchfish.